Why do we do it?

Risks associated with money laundering and terrorism funding  (SARLAFT - SIPLAFT - SAGRLAFT).

Migrant Trafficking

Illegal Enrichment


Terrorism Funding

Traffic of Toxic Drugs

Crimes against the Financial System 

Crimes against the Public Administration

How do we do it?

Systems of Risks Management associated with Money Laundering and Terrorism Funding (SARLAFT - SIPLAFT - SAGRLAFT).

Systems of Risk Management associated with Corruption..

Support to the activities of the Compliance Officers.

Audit SARLAFT systems to evaluate the level of compliance and implementation.

Advice and support on risks to public, private and union entities.


Mitigating the company’s risk of money laundering and terrorism funding.

Reduce exposure to legal, reputational, contagion and operational risks.

Comply with the different Supervisor norms.

Ensure transparent relationships with the different stakeholders.